Green and purple objects, performed. Flocked wood, C-prints. 2018/19


I make things. Sometimes to prove to myself that I am able to make them the way I imagined them. At other times, I like the work itself: to see how something takes shape, takes time, needs strength and energy and care. It can be an exercise in itself, symbolic for my abilities to figure something out, to learn, get better.
It's always gendered work: I'm running against the odds I was raised upon. Surrounded by inconsistencies, these objects are my neuroses and pains and relate my inner doubts to worldliness.
I like to touch real things, and hiding them (wooden, hand-carved structures) under a velvet layer is showing off but being easy at once. I can never not relate to male and female artists before me, and I dedicate my objects to some exquisite ones among them. (A.L.)